Statement of Closure

Statement of Closure

It is with great sadness we begin 2017 by informing you that the Glasgow Rudolf Steiner School and Kindergarten has had to close due to financial reasons following our Christmas break.


The Board of the Glasgow Steiner Community began the 2016-17 academic year optimistic that the School would grow and there has been steady interest particularly for the next academic year and beyond. However as some children left the School due to their personal circumstances our earlier financial projections were no longer valid. It is no longer financially viable to continue running with such low numbers.


The Board is very grateful to all those who have supported our School and activities. To the parents whose children attended the School: we thank you and your family’s commitment to Steiner education in Glasgow. To our staff, Dave, Marzena, Mira, Gillian, Kim and Angela: we thank you for providing a nurturing environment for the children. To the many individuals who have worked behind the scenes: we are grateful for your time and dedication.


We kindly request your continued support of the efforts of the Glasgow Steiner Community. The Glasgow Steiner Community will continue to promote Steiner Education in Glasgow. Future events organised by the Glasgow Steiner Community will be advertised via the website, email and our Facebook page and we hope you can support these endeavours.


It is indeed very painful that after some 28 years of Steiner Education in Glasgow, we are having to make this difficult decision, but feel that with enough courage, effort and, ever more necessary today, sufficient financial support, Steiner Education could once more be here to nourish children’s souls; the Glasgow Steiner Community will continue to work hard towards this aim.


The Board of Trustees (Glasgow Steiner Community)

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